Social consumption

Social consumption has declined because consumption is becoming increasingly solitary. Put another way, people are spending more time consuming alone. This has consequences for mental well-being, social well-being and environmental well-being. With the advent of cheaper electronic goods like televisions, stereos, personal computers, tablets and smartphones people isolate themselves much more than in the past. … Read more

Slow Design for Cultural Sustainability

by Michael Lockhart | 7 August, 2017 I was honoured to give a talk today at the International Cultural Sustainability Symposium run by Victoria University of Wellington. Thanks to the organisers, speakers and those who attended. The following is a transcript of my talk. The noted design academic Ezio Manzini said “There is too much … Read more

Creative consumption

The ‘consumption’ of creative goods and activities is more sustainable than the consumption of purely material goods. A creative economy is where production and consumption involves the processing of ideas, symbols, and emotional experiences rather than the dissipation of energy and the break­down of matter. A study done by the psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi showed that there was … Read more