The Best Books about Sustainability

The books featured below are a selection of the best books about sustainability we have read. Sustainability is obviously a broad domain which includes business, environment, economy, home/lifestyle, consumption, resource use, and so on. We have highlighted what we consider an approachable book in each subject area with a short list of ‘honourable mentions’. Please … Read more

Ecological Intelligence

Ecological intelligence through ‘radical transparency’ The psychologist Daniel Goleman is famous as the author of the books Emotional Intelligence (which has sold more than six million copies worldwide) and Social Intelligence. The books’ titles allude to the idea that there are different types of intelligence. The sort of intelligence measured by IQ has no emotional … Read more

Book review: The Spirit Level

The Spirit Level written by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett argues that almost every social problem common in developed societies – reduced life expectancy, child mortality, child well-being, drugs, crime, homicide rates, mental illness and obesity – has a single root cause, inequality of income and wealth. They measure equality (or inequality) as the difference … Read more