The benefits of craft production

Moving from fast, quantity production to slow, quality production Industrial production in the beginning meant that goods were cheaper and more available to everyone. This was great to begin with but the ripple of higher productivity became a tidal wave. More and more goods were produced for ever-lower prices but the quality of both the … Read more

Slow is fast

It is a good idea to think about going Slow in a world where fast seems to be the default setting. Slow just means taking your time, being more deliberate and more mindful. Slow is about quality over quantity. Slow is about the means and not the ends. Slow is about experience and self-expression and not … Read more

Craft technology for the future

When we think of technology we usually think of high-tech and big-tech, like robots and automated factories. However, hand tools and craft processes are technologies too. In a lower energy future there will be more use of manual, craft technology – tools, techniques and skills. A number of heritage technologies will be revisited. Whilst these technologies will probably be … Read more

Handmade for good

My partner Anna is a contemporary jeweller. Everything she makes is handmade. Apart from a few power tools and a gas torch Anna only uses hand tools. What she lacks in precision, she makes up for with touch and an eye for the less-than-perfect ‘ideal’. Even with the same design, no two pieces are the same and … Read more

Craft beer and the rediscovery of craftsmanship

Craft beer

I admit it, I love beer. In fact I love beer more now than I ever did, for one simple reason – beer is much better now. The variety is greater, the flavours are better and there is much more scope for savouring. This is thanks to the rediscovery of craft beer. There are many complementary benefits to the rediscovery of … Read more