The net energy of food

Food provides people with energy, but it also takes energy to cultivate, gather, process and prepare food. The difference between the energy consumed as food and the energy used to produce it is the net energy of food production. Most food in modern economies has negative net energy, meaning most food takes more energy to produce than … Read more

How to halve your ecological footprint

When it comes to sustainability measures there’s always been too much emphasis on trivial things. The cynical side of me says that it is the system trying to smokescreen the actual, big issues. I never understood why plastic shopping bags were considered such a huge deal when they are a very tiny percentage of the … Read more

How to avoid packaging

People might think that by eliminating plastic shopping bags they are doing their bit for the environment. There has been too much focus on shopping bags when there is too much packaging generally. The total amount of packaging has increased dramatically over the last half-century and now makes up the largest share of municipal solid waste. … Read more