The right brain and sustainability

A cursory glance at a picture of a brain from above shows that the neo-cortex is divided. These two hemispheres are not symmetrical in form or in function. Whilst debate continues about the function of each hemisphere, there is no doubt that they are different. The divided brain The psychologist Ian McGilchrist describes the difference … Read more

The paradox of efficiency

Efficiency is a classic case of a doubled-edged sword. On one side efficiency is crucial for the practice of sustainability because it is about getting more from less. In particular it is about getting more products and services from less resources. On the other hand efficiency is the darling of business management and strategy. Efficiency … Read more

The Best Books about Sustainability

The books featured below are a selection of the best books about sustainability we have read. Sustainability is obviously a broad domain which includes business, environment, economy, home/lifestyle, consumption, resource use, and so on. We have highlighted what we consider an approachable book in each subject area with a short list of ‘honourable mentions’. Please … Read more

Corporate Psychopaths

Corporate psychopath

Approximately one per cent of humans are psychopaths. However, many studies over the years have shown that three per cent or more of corporate leaders are psychopaths. One 2016 study reported that the rate could be much higher. The study of 261 corporate professionals in the supply chain management industry showed an extremely high prevalence … Read more


Envy - Green with envy

Envy, wanting what other people have, is greed’s evil twin. Envy can include wanting other people’s possessions, their lifestyle, their looks, their status and even their husband or wife. By nature, people compare themselves to others, and this causes no end of trouble. The drive to ‘keep up with the Joneses’ can lead to dissatisfaction, … Read more

The Ways of Sustainabilism


Sustainabilism is the approach for achieving environmentally sustainable human well-being. Econation’s mission is to highlight the ways that enhance and contribute to the wellbeing of both people and planet. We also uncover and criticise the ways that harm the wellbeing of both people and planet. It just so happens that generally speaking what is best … Read more

Convenience and ease are a disease

The downsides of comfort and convenience Our economic system is geared to providing ever more convenience and ‘value-added’. Some convenience can certainly be good, but too much convenience is certainly bad. With its promise of comfort and ease, convenience attempts to eradicate all sorts of troubles, irritations and challenges that can help give meaning to … Read more

Redefining progress

Since the industrial revolution started progress has always been quantified in one way or another: size, speed, number, amount, value, income, profit, productivity and countless other metrics. Based on this mode of definition people perceive progress as growth. Growth in size, speed, number, amount, value, income, profit, productivity and so on. We need to define … Read more

Dumb arguments for being irresponsible

The most frequent flyer on earth, Tom Stuker, when asked about his environmental impact said: “I’m not adding to the footprint. The plane is going to fly whether I’m on it or not”. This argument is as dumb as other dumb arguments like: “If he can do it, I can do it.” “Whatever harm I … Read more