The benefits of craft production

Moving from fast, quantity production to slow, quality production Industrial production in the beginning meant that goods were cheaper and more available to everyone. This was great to begin with but the ripple of higher productivity became a tidal wave. More and more goods were produced for ever-lower prices but [...]

Earth Day 2020

Earth Day is on 22 April 2020. The Earth is shared by all life, including humans, and its health is part of our continued survival. Humans are part of nature and the COVID-19 pandemic is a tragic reminder of that fact. We can try to control nature but it [...]

Learning self-sufficiency

The saying is: “If you give people a fish you feed them for a day, if you teach people to fish you feed them for a lifetime.” This is obviously about self-sufficiency, but it is also about sustainability. The self-sufficiency mindset Self-sufficiency is not just about growing your own food, [...]

Ritual display and sustainability

Ritual display in the animal kingdom is a way to signal potency. There are thousands of examples of animals with this trait from insects to peacocks to gorillas. It is a way for animals to compete without fighting. Fighting will often lead to serious injury, and sometimes death, so [...]


Sustainabilism is the approach for achieving environmentally sustainable human well-being. Sustainabilism is a response to ‘too much’ – too much stuff, too much advertising, too much information, too much work, too much stress, too much waste, too much of everything. Sustainabilism's attitude is that less is better because less [...]

Sustainable Food Production System

Whilst the industrialisation of the food industry has created a wide variety of systemic problems, the solutions can also be systemic. For example, moving back to small-scale, organic farming and craft food production would create a comprehensive range of systemic benefits as described below in the comparison with industrial [...]

Affordable housing

Affordable housing is established on two main costs, namely the cost of the land and the cost of the build. The cost of land is a complicated issue which we'll reserve for another post. However, it is worth noting here that, amongst other things, the size of the section/lot [...]

Systemic solutions

In systems, problems can propagate and generate new, unforeseen problems. Fortunately, systemic solutions can also propagate and generate new solutions. Our existing economic systems are unfair, unhealthy and unsustainable. These problems are ingrained in the system and cannot be 'tweaked out'. To borrow an idea from Buckminster Fuller, instead [...]