Econation launches new brand

Econation has launched a new visual identity and website that reflects an increasing emphasis on well-being – for both people and planet.

Econation has long been an advocate and independent source of information about environmental sustainability. Econation’s main premise is that what is best for the planet is also best for people. Econation presents a new type of prosperity that isn’t based on economic goals but the goals of health, happiness and general well-being.

“Research provides evidence that after a certain, relatively low, level of income is achieved well-being is not determined by economic factors like disposable income and material wealth.” explains Econation founder, Michael Lockhart.

“Studies show that people are increasingly stressed and unhappy with their work-life balance. People are choosing to live more simply in smaller houses, growing their own food and generally being more self-sufficient. The side effect is that these happier, lower stress lives also do less damage to the environment.”

There are more than 170 pages on the Econation website about how to improve well-being by reducing ecological footprint. The updated website has been developed to be mobile friendly, more search engine friendly and better connected to social media. The new brand reflects Econation’s core values including wholeness, simplicity, unity, protection and vitality.  

Econation also creates resources for schools to teach aspects of sustainability and well-being.

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