The Monthly Planet

Econation launches super monthly email newsletter

The Monthly Planet is Econation’s new monthly newsletter.

Econation started thirteen years ago in 2008 and for two years we had a monthly newsletter. However, since Econation doesn’t make any money the newsletter became too much work for no return and we had to discontinue it.

Now, ten years on we are biting the bullet again – after we caught it in our teeth!

With so much for all of us to do to enhance our well-being and sustainability we felt it was high time for us to help more. Whilst we don’t sell anything, we do give things away, notably well-being and sustainability in the form of easy-to-understand advice and encouragement.

We are not blamers, and we are not nay-sayers. We are optimistic about the future because we know there are ways for people to increase their well-being whilst caring for our shared planet.

We all only have one life and one planet – they are both worth looking after.
– Michael Lockhart

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