The uncomfortable truth about climate change

With the Global Climate March happening around the world this weekend and the Climate Change meetings in Paris next week it is worth knowing the uncomfortable truth about climate change and why and how everyone should be involved.

The evidence of Climate Change is overwhelming. 2015 is the hottest year on the record beating the previous record year which was 2014! The 11 hottest years on record have occurred in the last 17 years. (See the video “135 years of Global Warming in 30 seconds” below.)

There has been a steady increase in the intensity of extreme weather events that are causing death and destruction including heatwaves, cold-waves, hurricanes (cyclones), floods and tornadoes.

Even more devastating are droughts that cause widespread famine, which in turn can catalyse conflict. Prince Charles recently stated what others have said, there is a direct link between climate change and droughts and there is a direct link between droughts and civil war and terrorism.

Climate Change is a global issue. Greenhouse gases and the resulting warming cannot be contained within countries’ borders. The very uncomfortable truth is that the high eco-footprint lifestyles of average New Zealanders, and many other countries around the world, contribute to increasing the number of bushfires in Australia, floods in England, famines in Africa and hurricanes in America. And even civil war in Syria.

On top of this we are affecting the futures of our very own children and grandchildren!

Everyone is responsible but what can be done? There is only one person we can directly control: ourself. That being the case there is plenty we can do, including:

  1. Reduce our own carbon footprint
  2. Motivate others around us to reduce their carbon footprint
  3. Join the Global Climate March
  4. Vote for a government that will take real action against climate change
  5. Write to your MP, or government representative, and tell them you want action to stop climate change.