There are a number of good reasons why cash is best when buying things:

It’s real

Paying in cash forces you to consider the real purchase price. You have no choice but to consider how much money you’re paying overall, and not just what you’ll have to pay as a deposit or on a periodic basis.

No debt

Paying in cash keeps you out of debt. Debt can be stressful and it can even become overwhelming. It is also very expensive because of the extra interest cost. There is no need to make banks richer than they already are. In fact by always paying in cash you will earn interest on your savings while you wait to save up enough.

There are so many benefits to being debt-free, including the option to save more of your income, less stress, and of course, the feeling of not being beholden to anyone. It’s a freeing feeling.


Paying in cash might help you spend less – when you force yourself to pay in cash, big ticket items start to lose their appeal.

Because you can no longer run out and get anything you want with a swipe of a credit card you have to wait and save up the cash. This waiting period gives you time to question your purchase and makes you appreciate it more when the time comes.

It might take a little time but eventually you will be able to walk into a store of any kind and differentiate between the things you really need and those things that you only want.


It is incredible to think that in some cases you have finished with something before it’s even paid off! From a sustainability point of view the longer you delay a purchase the better.


When you pay in cash you often have to be creative when it comes to holidays, parties and presents.